Rent Vs. Buy: Rent a Lamborghini or Buy One?

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Rent Vs. Buy: Rent a Lamborghini or Buy One?

Want a Lamborghini? Read this First. Before buying one you might want to consider renting one first.

When it comes to choosing the right car, people have the decision to either buy a car or rent one. Buying a Lamborghini requires steep pockets and is a huge financial commitment. In terms of practicality, buying a Lamborghini may not be a financially sound decision, but is often a decision based off pure emotion. In addition, Lamborghinis are not ideal commuter cars and are driven occasionally due to costly maintenance fees. Before deciding to buy a Lamborghini, you might want to consider renting one first. 

Let’s explore the benefits of renting a Lamborghini before buying one: 

While buying a Lamborghini is a long-term commitment, renting would allow you to experience the different facets of the Lamborghini. To date, there are numerous companies in the market that offer rental services for these exotic cars. Corsa Exotics, rated the #1 exotic car rental in Orange County, offers various models of the Lamborghini, ranging from theGallardo to the Huracán.

In addition, after experiencing each model of the Lamborghini, you’ll be able to decide which model is the best fit for you and suits your needs. For example, does the functionality of the interior satisfy your needs? Or in other words, is the driver’s seat comfortable and suitable for long drives? Lamborghinis are not equipped with cup holders — would you be satisfied with not having cupholders in your car? Ultimately, experiencing each model of the supercar will help you weigh out your options in deciding whether the Lamborghini is the right fit for you.

  • Avoid additional fees and put more money in your pocket. You won’t have to deal with the costly expenses tied with owning a Lamborghini, such as insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

The base price of the Lamborghini costs approximately $300,000, car insurance costs about $5,200 per year, an oil change costs $2,000, and plugs cost $4,000. The list can go on. The true value of a Lamborghini well exceeds over $300,000. It makes sense that the Lamborghini is typically not utilized as a daily commuter since it’s difficult to keep up with these overwhelming costs. When renting the super car, you wouldn’t have to fuss over these costly expenses: purchasing an insurance plan, paying for fuel, or keeping up with maintenance. Renting the Lamborghini for a day could go as low as $1,200 as opposed to the grand total of $300,000. In addition, the rental car company would be fully responsible for keeping up with these maintenance fees. Hence, you can avoid these costs associated with owning the supercar by simply renting the Lamborghini.

  • The car rental company covers all the costly maintenance fees, so you don’t have to worry.

Rather than sweating over the excruciating monthly car payments, or worse, paying for $60,000 for a wheel alignment, renting the exotic would steer you clear of these inconveniences. As the owner of the exotic, the car rental company is be responsible for covering all maintenance fees. Corsa Exotics has professionals on stand-by that aid with the on-going maintenance, from oil changes to installing replacement parts.

Conclusion: In sum, renting the Lamborghini prior to buying one could easily influence your decision on whether to buy a Lamborghini or not. If you do decide to buy the supercar of your dreams, renting the various models will help you make a concrete decision on deciding which model would best suit your needs — the Gallardo perhaps, or maybe the Huracán?



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